tiki toss diy

Tiki Toss Diy Hook and Ring Toss Game Short Board Edition - 100% Bamboo Party Game for Indoor or Outdoor Family Fun (All Parts Included)

The Tiki Toss Diy and ring game is a long-term Carribean islands classic. Made from 100% bamboo, with excellent pieces and all equipment included. 

  • His Hook And Ring Toss Game will outlive the opposition and be a changeless apparatus at your grills, family parties, and apathetic evenings with companions. 
  • Easy to learn, hard to Master: swing a little ring onto a snare appended to the divider. Sound simple? All it requires is the ideal point and arrangement. 
  • The Short barricade is determined to a divider or another fixed position or more a string joins to the roof.
  • Portable Hook And Ring Game is an indoor or outdoor game for the whole family. 
  • Quality Crafted From 100% bamboo; Fun For All Ages
  • Hook And Ring Toss Game Diy is so simple that make people more addictive while meditative. 
  • All Hardware material are present And a simple 5 minute set up. 
  • Simple To Learn, Difficult To Master! Impeccable Party Game!
  • Its a well-design face and beautiful addition to any place. Dont think,
  • Pick up the Hook And Ring Toss Game today and enjoy this addictive game for all ages
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