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Polyform G Series Best Boat Fenders

G Series Best Boat Fenders give all the utility of twofold finished “wiener” style pontoon bumpers. Polyform Fenders arrive in an assortment of hues and sizes so you make certain to locate the correct mix for your pontoon 

  • G Series Fenders can be hung either vertically or on a level plane gratitude to the strengthened rope eyes at each end 
  • Formed ribbed development for quality and visual intrigue 
  • Accessible in 10 colors


  • A universally useful, esteem vessel bumper made by Polyform and made in the USA 
  • G-2 bumpers are suggested for vessels somewhere in the range of 10 and 20 long distance
  • Intended for recreational, trailered pontoons in secured moorings 
  • G-2 vessel bumpers measure 4.5 in. breadth and 15.5 in. In tall with 0.5 in measurement 
  • This little specialty bumper ships as a solitary unit, pre-swelled without an expansion valve
  • Polyform Boat Fenders are the most individual people choice. 
  • Boat Fenders available in 10 different colors
  • Just choose your favorite color and place an order
  • Most individuals give a positive response
  • To see customer reviews just click on Shop Now 
  • Don’t think, Order Now and enjoy for a long term perspective
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