Online Shopping Store: what levers to use to make it take off?

Every month, dozens of French people plan to create their Online Shopping Store . The appeal of internet commerce catches the eye of new entrepreneurs. However, getting started in e-commerce can be risky if you don’t know how to get a return on your investment from the start. Because if launching your online store is already a big step forward, its existence does not guarantee you any profitability. To make money, you need to use the right marketing levers. Here is what you need to know to achieve a good turnover.

How to launch your Online Shopping Store?

Before going live or even building your catalog, you will need to get started on the right footing. Like any entrepreneurial endeavor, creating an Online Shopping Store does not happen overnight. Successful sites are those that have received a real personal investment from their owners. You need to understand the workings, benefits, and risks of selling online before you start. Whether you are positioning yourself in a high potential market or are in a niche, marketing training is never too much.

The bases acquired during these trainings will give you an idea of ​​what you can afford, the essential entrepreneurial steps, or the levers to put in place to make your business profitable. Creating an online store requires both strategy and flair. It’s not just about coming up with random items, hoping your inventory will run out overnight. I invariably advise putting in place a reliable and sustainable strategy, on which you can base all of your activity. The training will teach you in particular how to correctly choose the legal form that suits your business, namely to choose your domain name, or to write your specifications. Good training should also help you define the steps to find your suppliers.

Saas or Open source solutions ?

Who says e-commerce or Online Shopping Store , necessarily says solution allowing to manage the operation of the site of sale on line. This choice will impact the quality of your business, and the way your customers interact with your platform. The wrong technology will make your business difficult, and is a reason entrepreneurs abandon websites that have trouble getting started. On the internet, you will find 2 grandes écoles, each with its own preferences. The first swears only by Open Source, which offers full access to application codes. The latter is fully available to allow you to configure your store in its entirety.

Open Source solutions are usually used by experienced technicians, and are not easy for the general public to use. This is a solution that I would recommend only if you have extensive technical skills , and you are not afraid to customize the management of traffic peaks. Note that if you opt for Open Source solutions, you will also have to plan for additional costs for setting up, building and maintaining a high-performance site. For e-merchants looking for a more accessible solution, I recommend SaaS modes. no need to make purchases, or to combine the facilities to create and manage your sales site.

A subscription is usually sufficient to take advantage of the available applications. It is also a solution to remember if you are looking for something secure, and accessible technical assistance . The technology used constitutes a lever for the launch of your store, because it will define how you manage technical elements. Saas are also known to make it easier to deal with peak sales at key times of the year.

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