harbinger firm fit contoured belt

Harbinger Firm Fit Contoured Belt with Suede Lining and Steel Roller Buckle

Harbinger Firm Fit Contoured Belt underpins your back and midsection. while assisting with forestalling stomach herniation. They formed hip and rib configuration boosts midriff fit for solid strain around abdomen.

  • Cushioned calfskin 4 inch weightlifting belt with shaped plan for included solace.
  • Harbinger Belt rock solid double prong steel roller clasp ties down pressure to keep up a cozy fit


  • Extra wide 6″ shaped common calfskin underpins back and midsection
    Inside froth padding and softened cowhide lining for upgraded comfort
    Hard core double pronged steel roller clasp makes sure about pressure
    Leather Weightlifting Belt are utilized to offer basic help during truly difficult work.
    Intended to increment intra-stomach pressure
    Bodybuilding Belt out your whole midriff and diminish weight on lower back while lifting in upstanding position
    In overhead lifts, weightlifting belts help forestall back hyperextension by framing an unbending divider around the lower middle, associating the rib pen to the hip
    The belt additionally gives criticism on the right body situating during lifting
  • Very easy and adjustable method to use
  • Don’t think, Order Harbinger Belt and enjoy quality and efficiency for a long term
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