body anti chafe balm

Body Anti Chafe Balm Glide Glide Original

Body Anti Chafe Balm secure your skin against scouring that causes abrading, disturbance and crude skin

The salve is sweat and water safe – it keeps pores obstruct free by permitting sweat to get away and allows skin to relax

Use Method

  • Before you get dressed apply straightforwardly, from the stick, to the thighs, neck, feet, arms or anyplace your skin
  • Apply to unblemished skin before action or whenever.Apply Anti Chafe Balm before you get dressed
  • Use on thighs, neck, arms, and anyplace skin is scoured.
  • Washes off with gentle cleanser. Stop inconvenience before it begins 
  • The medicine shapes a dry, imperceptible obstruction to secure your skin, compelling any place skin is scoured by garments, footwear or skin
  • Its plan makes it simple to apply for throughout the day security from skin on skin scouring, scraping from apparel, or squeezing
  • Use daily in humid and dry conditions for a pain free active life.
  • See for Better Result
  • Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm protect skin safe – made with allergen free, plant-determined fixings that are kid safe, veggie lover affirmed, and never tried on creatures
  • No oil, lanolin or mineral oils – the favored decision over untidy, wet creams, gels and Attire, footwear and wet-suit safe
  • Don’t think, Order this item and enjoy the quality
  • Anti Body Balm are customer’s first choice
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