Our selection of designer Bar Stools for a convivial kitchen

The traditional table of our kitchens gives way more and more to a  raised Commercial Bucket Bar Stools. The Bar Stools  then becomes the practical accessory to take your meals. Their design look will perfectly complement the decoration of your kitchen.

There are a wide variety of shapes and colors of bar stools. Cuisine Plus has concocted a selection of stools that can blend in harmoniously with different styles of cooking.

Bar Stools

Height-adjustable Bar Stools

This type of Bar Stools makes it possible to adapt the seat height to all situations. Depending on your size and the height of the central island, the seat can be adjusted . Available in many colors and materials (wood, textile, metal, leather, etc.), these height-adjustable stools are also swivel for optimal comfort of use.

Height Stools

legged stools

The 4-legged stool looks like a classic chair but has a greater height. This height is also fixed and must therefore correspond to the height of your island or table. Namely, the 4-legged base provides more stability than the tulip base.

Leg Stools

Wooden stools

For those who like clean and functional design , Latest wooden stools will make your kitchen a living space with natural colors.

Industrial style stools

Big trend of the moment in the kitchen: the industrial style  stool. We will therefore appreciate the industrial stools which carry their industrial imprint and the atmosphere of the workshops. The raw and contemporary look of these industrial stools will add character to your kitchen.

Industrial Stools

School-style Bar stools

Return to childhood guaranteed with the school-style stools . Very vintage , their metal finish gives a very trendy look . For even more “old school” in your kitchen, opt for a mix in the colors of your stools.

So, Choose your own choice and buy one of top Amazon Branded Stools Product. And Enjoy for long term

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