The Anti Chafe Balm is a must for Australian surfers!
The Anti Chafe Balm is a multi-use treatment that meets the needs of the whole family. Anti-friction, soothing, repairing and protective, a product with natural active ingredients all in 1 to take anywhere and anytime.

Anti Body Balm is full of many virtues. Based on fermented papaya and beeswax, it can be used for the face, body, to nourish dry skin and lips, for insect bites, to soothe skin attacked by the sun after surfing , for the lips, for the cold but also as an anti-friction and anti-irritation balm.

The antioxidant power of Anti Chafe Balm is twenty times more powerful than vitamin E and it also stimulates the immune system.

Anti Chafe Balm


In antiquity, this Anti Body Balm was used as well in culinary preparations as in medicine and cosmetics thanks to its multiple virtues. Calendula was democratized in Europe from the 12th century. Calendula officinalis, also called the Garden Marigold or Medicinal Marigold, is native to the Mediterranean basin

Anti Body Balm  are renowned for their composition rich in antioxidants. These have a very beneficial role for the skin, they protect it and promote its regeneration.

In cosmetics, Calendula is known for its soothing and softening properties which make it ideal for the composition of cream for fragile skin, often prone to redness or tightness. This plant is also used for mature skin thanks to its regenerating and antioxidant powers.

At Centifolia, we have the will to offer you the best of the natural active ingredients of plants thanks to our expertise to extract their beneficial properties. You can find our oily organic Calendula macerate for the face and body on our website or in an organic store. Don’t think just visit on the site and buy this amazing product

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